Sarah Leonards

Associate Director

Sarah Leonards, as the Associate Director for the McNeese Alumni Association, plays a crucial role in cultivating the lifelong bond between McNeese State University and its alumni. Her responsibilities are multi-faceted, with a primary focus on engaging alumni through various events, programs, and initiatives.

Sarah works diligently to organize reunions, homecoming events, networking meetups, and other occasions that keep the McNeese spirit alive within the alumni community. She plays a crucial role in communications, ensuring that alumni are kept informed about the latest university news and opportunities.

Beyond events, Sarah supports fundraising efforts and scholarship programs that help current and future students. She works closely with the university to identify opportunities for alumni to give back, whether through mentorship programs, guest lectures, or financial donations.

Sarah also collaborates with the broader McNeese community, including faculty, staff, and current students, to maintain a connection between the present university experience and its vast alumni network. Her role is pivotal in facilitating the relationship between alumni and their alma mater, reinforcing the shared values and collective identity that make McNeese State University an enduring community.

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